Our Story

SensoryMoon came about completely by accident. With a penchant for colorful LED lighting and a desire to start a family business, the Rauf family first listed our now famous bubble lamp in late 2016 thinking it would be a cool "novelty" lighting product to sell online. But what we didn't expect was the overwhelming and positive response we got from parents, teachers, and therapists of kids with sensory needs.

Ever since then, we have recommitted ourselves to not only serving children with sensory processing disorder, but also YOU, their dedicated caregivers. Raising a child with special needs involves a lot of sacrifice: physical, emotional, financial, social, and otherwise. And while we can't ever take those burdens away from you - or indeed, even understand the full extent of them - the least we can do is try to help.

That's why we at SensoryMoon are committed to 3 cornerstones of business:

  1. To offer out-of-world sensory products & exceptional customer service (to increase the quality of our customers’ lives and of the one(s) they love)
  2. To run frequent giveaways of awesome products & monthly sales campaigns (to provide everyone the financial opportunity to own quality sensory products)
  3. To celebrate kids with sensory needs and YOU, the real heroes of this story (to support and appreciate those who don’t get the recognition they deserve)
While we started from humble beginnings with just our bubble lamp, we have since expanded our product selection to include sensory lights, toys, and tools of all varieties. And our community continues to grow every day. We are excited about the future of SensoryMoon, and hope you can join alongside us for the ride :-)

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