Refurbished Bubble Lamps

Refurbished Bubble Lamps



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SensoryMoon is excited to start selling refurbished bubble lamps!

These are bubble lamps that have been returned by customers and are used but mostly functional. They will be heavily discounted to give more families the chance to own sensory lamps and tools in their home.

Rest assured that all our refurbished bubble lamps will be under the same 1-year warranty and 90-day free return policy as everything else in our store! Plus, we will try to personally test each lamp before sending it to make sure the lamp you receive is exactly as expected.

Just make sure you know what you are buying by selecting the drop down here. Not all refurbished bubble lamps are the same. Some will have a missing feature or two (i.e.: cannot be controlled by the remote) that will make them cheaper than others, that may be fully functional. Read the descriptions below to make sure you know what you are buying.

If the refurbished lamp you want is out of stock, you can add yourself to our waiting list hereWe will try to add new refurbished lamps to our inventory every week.

Here are some of the refurbished lamp types you can choose from. Select them from the drop-down to see the stock and pricing information.

  • No Remote (4 FT): these are 4 FT bubble lamps that cannot respond to remote control signals to change the color. This is because the RF remote receiver in the base does not work for some reason, so the lamp will stay on its standard color-changing setting. However, its standard color changing setting is a beautiful color fading mode that gradually cycles through all the colors, so if you're okay with not changing the colors, this would be a great lamp to buy.
  • Fully Functional (4 FT): these are 4 FT bubble lamps that are fully functional (including the remote) and only appear to have been slightly used by the previous customer.
  • More coming as we test them.

Finally, note that you will NOT be able to use any existing discount codes with our refurbished bubble lamps, as we are already trying to keep the price as cheap as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.