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SensoryMoon's 3 and 4 FT Bubble Lamps are some of the best sensory products you can buy. With towering acrylic water tubes, powerful yet quiet bubble motors, multiple fake tropical fish, and color-changing LEDs, our Bubble Lamps will simultaneously dazzle and relax your child with sensory needs from the comfort of home!

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All SensoryMoon products are backed by a 1-Year Unlimited Warranty. And now, with FREE 90 Day Returns, there's no reason not to give them a try. Simply try out our Bubble Tube Lamp for 3 months from the date of purchase, and if you or your loved one don't love it in that time, we'll return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

A Unique Sensory Tool That Dazzles and Relaxes

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Trusted by occupational therapists for decades, bubble tubes provide a unique combination of sensory features that produce the twin effect of stimulating attention and soothing emotions. For children with sensory needs - including, but not limited to those with autism, ADHD, and Fragile X - the interplay of visual, auditory, and vibratory stimuli within the lamp often produces a noticeable state-changing "mesmerized" effect, making it a priceless investment for parents, caretakers, and teachers of special needs kids.

How it works

Motorized Bubble Stream to Captivate Your Child's Attention

Engineered with a powerful air pump at the base, this bubble lamp produces a rhythmic, steady ascent of streaming bubbles that fill up the towering bubble tube while providing a soothing white noise. Watch your child's attention become captivated every night, as he becomes engrossed in the bubbling display and lulled in by the soft sound of crackling water and whirring motor. Click here to compare sizes.

Slow-Swimming Plastic Fish to Calm Overspent Emotions

Each bubble lamp comes with several multi-colored fish that "swim" in response to motor-formed water currents, waving their mechanical tails and rotating about without a worry in the world. Optimized to slowly glide up and down the tube, these unhurried fish contrast with the rushing bubbles to impart a deep sense of calm in even the most agitable of kids. Now with a jellyfish for extra fun (4 FT only). Click here to compare sizes.

Color-Changing LEDs to Immerse Your Child for Hours

This aquarium wonderland dazzles even more when lit up. The bright, RGB LEDs at the base work tirelessly to illuminate the bubbles, fish, and entire tube - making everything shimmer with gorgeous purple, blue, aqua, green, yellow, orange, or red ambiance. Immerse your child with the standard color cycling mode, or choose his or her favorite from the 20 options on the remote control (4 FT only). Click here to compare sizes.

Sizable Water Tube to Ensure an Engaging Experience

We did not hold back when it comes to bubble tube size. Now nearly twice the volume of our previous models, our 4 ft and 6 ft bubble tubes give more room for the bubbles, fish, and light than ever before! Plus, with added safety features such as shatter-resistant tubing, a securer lid, and optional wall mounting accessories, this bubble lamp is the perfect sensory escape for your child to safely curl up next to! Click here to compare sizes.

Packed with Features for One of the Best Sensory Tools Today

With an engaging water tube, dazzling LEDs, and gorgeous swimming "fish", our bubble tubes are jam-packed with functionality we feel privileged to offer at such an affordable price. Plus, with features promoting everything from color recognition to object tracking to sound localization, it may just be the best home-based therapeutic sensory tool you haven't bought yet. So what are you waiting for? Order one today!

Calms and Relaxes Kids for Relief from Daily Stresses

As a sensory needs provider, you are indispensable when it comes to providing your child with the support he or she needs to manage the difficulties of daily life. And investing in a bubble tube corner – a relaxing, multi-sensory space to melt away stresses – can be an excellent way to do so.

Imagine your child grasping the sides of the bubble tube, mesmerized by the bubbling, humming, color-fading aquatic wonderland for hours on end. With so many unique relaxing features, our bubble tube lamps make an ideal sensory room item for children in need of more calming input in their lives.

Dazzles and Engages for a More Focused Children

The goal of any parent is to raise mature, independent, and capable young adults. And while sensory processing difficulties can present hurdles to that plan, having the right tools at home – like a bubble tube corner to practice stimulating and engaging the senses – can certainly be a step in the right direction.

Imagine your child being better able to focus attention, modulate reactions, and interact with the world around him. While no therapy can claim 100% effectiveness in training kids with SPD for the real world, the controlled, multi-sensory environment of a bubble tube corner may help make a positive difference.

Can Make Your Job as a Parent or Caregiver Much Easier

One of the biggest challenges of raising a child with sensory needs is the drain on emotional and physical energy. Constantly attending to the unique needs of a child with autism, ADHD, or sensory processing disorder can be tiring. That's why investing in an effective calming tool like a bubble tube can make your life so much easier.

Imagine a restful and productive sensory tool that helps your child relieve stresses, calm emotions, and focus better. Imagine a bedroom night light capable of mesmerizing your son or daughter's attention every night until they doze off to sleep. Our bubble tube lamp has well over a 4.5 star rating and for good reason!

Saves Money Vs. Buying $2000+ Occupational Bubble Tubes

There is no escaping the fact that raising a child with SPD is expensive. Often, this puts professional sensory room equipment – like overpriced $2,000+ bubble tubes – squarely out of the budget of most parents. That's why we developed an alternative: feature-packed bubble lamps meeting the needs of most SPD families... at an affordable prices!

Imagine the joy on your child's face when you surprise them with their very own bubble tube lamp. Imagine finally taking the leap to build your little loved one his or her own sensory room space - all without breaking the bank! Over 6,000 parents have experienced the benefits of our bubble tubes lamp firsthand. Isn't it about time you do too?

Product Specs

3 FT (Night Light) 4 FT (Most Popular)

3 feet tall (90 cm)
3.1 inch diameter (8 cm)
1 gallon capacity

4 feet tall (120 cm)
3.9 inch diameter (10 cm)
2 gallon capacity

5 fish included

8 fish
2 horsefish
1 jellyfish included

Standard 7 color cycle
No remote

16 solid color options
4 different cycle options
Wireless RF remote
(Batteries included)

Wall mount coming soon

Silver plastic base

Deep blue plastic base

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