Our Story

"How An Accidental Discovery Led to Us Helping Kids with Autism, Sensory Needs"

An Accidental Discovery

When my mom, dad, brother and I first started selling our Bubble Fish Lamp in late 2016, we had no idea it would make such a difference in the lives of special needs kids.

In fact - with a tall water tube, a quiet bubble motor, fake fish, and color changing lights, it just seemed to us like a cool 'novelty lamp' to sell online!

But then, review after review, parents of children with autism, ADHD, and other special needs kept *raving* about how much of an impact our lamp was having on their lives.

Whether it was one parent, whose child could finally sleep without pain reliever...

To the number of families, telling us about how they finally had had an effective calming tool for their children with autism...

To even the numerous teachers, taking about how much the kids were loving our Bubble Lamp in their sensory programs...

We quickly realized that we had something very special.

Helping Kids with Sensory Needs

As it turns out, because children with autism are more likely to struggle with sensory processing than typically developing kids --- causing them distress, discomfort, and lowered quality of living...

Our Bubble Lamps were actually an *amazing* way to help them meet their unique 'sensory needs'!

For some children, who felt constantly overwhelmed by the sensations of the world around them, our Bubble Lamp helped them relax, and 'wash away' the sensory stresses of their day.

For others, who were not otherwise engaged, stimulated, or motivated by anything, our Bubble Lamp helped capture their attention, and finally break them out of their 'shell'.

For others still, who just wanted to seek out and explore their sensory inclinations, our Bubble Lamp gave them a safe, judgement-free space to do so!

Whatever specific 'sensory need' these kids had, our Bubble Lamp was helping fulfill it, and parents kept reporting reduced meltdowns, better sleep, and happier, more productive kids all the while!

That's when we knew we had to change focus, and that's how SensoryMoon was born.

Committed to Serving You

Ever since our humble beginnings with just one Bubble Lamp, now we've expanded our product selection to include a variety of night lamps, weighted blankets, and sensory room accessories.

But more importantly, we have recommitted to serving not only children with sensory processing difficulties, but also YOU, their dedicated caregivers!

That's because raising a child with special needs involves a lot of sacrifice: physical, emotional, financial, social, and otherwise...

And while we can't ever take those burdens away from you - or even understand the full extent of them - the least we can do is try to help.

So at SensoryMoon, we're committed to serving you in three different ways:

  1. To offer outstanding sensory products & exceptional customer service (to increase the quality of our customers’ lives and of the one(s) they love)

  2. To run frequent giveaways of awesome products & sales campaigns (to provide everyone the financial opportunity to own quality sensory products)

  3. To celebrate kids with sensory needs and YOU, the real heroes of this story (to support and appreciate those who don’t get the recognition they deserve)

Join Our Mission

Ready to join us in our mission?

The first thing you can do is join our Facebook Support Group where we connect you with a community of parents, teachers, therapists, and relatives of kids with autism and sensory needs.

We also run frequent sensory product giveaways there to give all income levels a chance to own quality sensory products!

The next thing you can do is check out our products below and see if a loved one you know might benefit from our lamps, blankets, or sensory room accessories.

Call us biased but we're confident your family is going to love them :-)

Finally, the last thing you can do is write to us at Support@SensoryMoon.com if you were touched by our story or want to share your own! We are here to celebrate you, so don't be shy!

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With a massive 4 ft tall water tube, a bubble stream motor, 10 swimming fish, and over 20 color options, this bubble lamp is a must-have for anyone looking to build a sensory room.

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A breathtaking display of fantasy jellyfish motion, this unique sensory lamp makes a mesmerizing night light - perfect for children entranced my motion and color.

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One of our top sellers, this sizable plasma ball lamp is a perfect scientific toy for children obsessed with lightning and electricity.

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This water vortex tornado lamp is a popular night light for kids fascinated by the power of nature.