If you lost / broke or are in need of a new component for your SensoryMoon product, you can purchase it here.

Please note: we typically do not stock these items, so they may need to be retrieved from a return. If we cannot find it anywhere in our warehouse, we may need to cancel your order. However,  if we do find the item, we can ensure it works as expected. Limit one per customer.

Also note: make sure you purchase the right item! Consult is if you have any questions. If you order the wrong item, we are not responsible for return shipping.

Some product terms so you don't get confused:

Large jellyfish lamp: jellyfish lamp with the BLACK base
Small jellyfish lamp: jellyfish lamp with the BLUE base
Oval bubble remote: round shape remote for 3.9 ft bubble lamp (only for lamps purchased between February 2019 and July 2020)
Rectangular bubble remote: rectangular shaped remote for 3.9 ft bubble lamps (purchased before February 2019 OR after July 2020)