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From ultra-sensory aquarium lamps filled with colors, bubbles, and motion, to interactive wall lights that respond to touch, to liquid floor tiles that transform any room into an indoor playground... SensoryMoon's products are some of the best gifts you can give to help kids meet their sensory needs.

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Bubble Fish Lamp

"Yes, the bubble lamp has been incredible period. My four year old autistic daughter sleeps with it on every single night. We had to go quarantine away from our home and we easily brought it with us. It has helped tremendously. I am so happy we made the purchase. When she wants to turn on the lamp she tells us “wake up fishies!” Thank you for such a wonderful product."

"My daughter will be 2 in July! She is completely non verbal. She has Sensory processing disorder and is in the process of being tested and evaluated for Autism... I just wanted to say that the bubble lamp has helped so much with bed time is AMAZING! We plan on buying her the 4 ft one a well for the additional room she plays in."

"My son has Autism and due to our regular routine being interrupted and all his therapy canceled I noticed when he is having a hard time sensory wise or when he starts to get very upset I give him the bubble lamp remote we turn off all the lights and he instantly calms down and sensory regulates himself changing the colors counting the fishes or saying the colors of them and just watching the bubble lamp. It’s been our saving grace during this lockdown!"

"Our bubble.lamp is amazing. My daughter has it in her sensory corner, she turns it on when she needs that calming time. Now that school is closed and her routine has been thrown off so much her emotions have been alot harder for her to.control. The bublbe tube definitely helps calm her outbursts. it gives her that extra peice of sensory she needs at the time . We turn it on and she will lay beside itor sit with it. The lights the sound and the fish help her relax..."

"Our bubble lamp is a life saver! As soon as its plugged in my son loves to lay near it and watch the bubbles, fish and colors. With our shelter in place orders due to Covid-19 I love any sensory item that will calm my son and this bubble lamp is definitely on of them!"

"We have actually had our tower since Christmas, but since covid 19 it has been even more of a beneficial coping tool for our 3 year old son who has ASD. He he mesmerized by the bubbles and loves to watch the fish swim all around. When we turn his tower on it helps to calm and ground him when he is feeling stressed or overwhelmed which has been happening a lot since his school closed and his routine has been interrupted..."

"My kids have not gotten bored of their lamp since we purchased in December 2018. After running around and playing, they get a sense of feeling calm while they relax and watch the bubbles and fish float around. My oldest (3yr old) also uses the lamp as a night light in his room while he sleeps. The lamp is hardly ever off. It is a nice distraction when there’s not much else to do."

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"I am an adult who needs distraction to help me focus, and this lamp is ideal. Now that social distancing is here, I’m working with students online which forces me to sit in one place for up to 2 hours... I work in a small, stuffy room inside with the door closed. I placed the lamp where I can see it while facing the camera, and it has made a world of difference. Playing with the colors and watching the [jellyfish] float keeps me from feeling trapped and uncomfortable."

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"...I have no words to express how grateful I am with your product. My son is 9 years old and since he has been using the blanket he has long peaceful sleep he wakes up in better mood and happy I would recommend your blanket to anyone I give it ten stars .👍🏼👍🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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"We bought the cushioned platform to complete our sons sensory room. It is combined with his bedroom, and with it now installed, it is easier for him to get close to it and optimize its benefits. It is a good size, and does not absorb in the room. He is almost 4 feet tall and can sit comfortably."

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