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3d printed over a whopping 20 hours from actual NASA satellite images, our new ultra-sensory lamp comes with winter and summer moon modes, as well as a 7-color "rainbow" transitioning mode that is sure to delight your loved one with sensory needs. Plus, with a long battery life so they can snuggle up with it in bed, it is sure to become their new favorite lamp!

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A Dazzling Sensory Light That Mesmerizes All Ages

SensoryMoon is proud to introduce our new 3d printed moon lamp. With dazzling winter, summer, and rainbow moonlight settings, intuitive tap-operated color and brightness control, and a sleek, polished wooden puzzle-like stand, this wireless moon lamp night light might just be the coolest lamp to give your sensory needs child or loved one this year. Now with new features for one of the best light up moon globes on the market today.


3D PRINTED LUNAR REPLICA FOR AN AWESOME TEACHING MOMENT. SensoryMoon's Moon Lamps are unique because they are our only lamp manufactured through 3D printing! Printed over a whopping 20 hours from actual NASA satellite images, our new dimmable moon lamp has realistic bumps and craters to precisely match that wondrous lunar ball in the sky. Pique your child's curiosity about astronomy as you explain the moon lamp in their hand is designed to mimic the real thing. Great for teaching moments!

WINTER AND SUMMER MODES FOR A SERENE MOONLIGHT DISPLAY. Not only do our moon lamps have texture just like the real moon, but our lunar moon lamps also have two accurate moonlight settings: cool white for an overhead moon during a crisp, winter night, and warm white for a near-horizon moon during a humid, summer evening. What's more, these lighting modes provide very soft, relaxing light that accentuates the bumps and indents of the lamp, making our 3d printed moon lamp look more realistic than ever!

7 COLOR FADE SETTING FOR A SENSORY BEDSIDE EXPERIENCE. Perfect for children who love sensory stimulation (or anyone who loves to be dazzled), our moonlight globe light now offers a rainbow mode that cycles between 7 different colors. The 3d printer moon lamp's RGB LEDs work to create glowing red, green, blue, yellow, aqua, purple, and mixed white colors, pausing at each briefly before fading into the next - a breathtaking feature that simpler moon globe nightlights can't match.

"TAP ANYWHERE" OPERATED FOR EASIER COLOR AND DIMMING CONTROL. Searching for your moon shaped light's remote control or touch sensor at night can be a real nuisance. That's why SensoryMoon 3d printed moon models use calibrated vibration sensor technology to offer tap anywhere operation. Simply give a hearty tap anywhere on the moon light night lamp surface to choose the color mode, or two in succession to adjust the brightness (winter summer modes only) - easier than ever

NEW INCLUDED POWER OUTLET CHARGING FOR CONVENIENT 24-7 USABILITY. Sure, USB charging is cool, but people rarely have a USB device handy to charge their child's LED moon lamp. That's why we are the only brand to include both USB and power plug options with each rechargeable moon lamp. So instead of sharing your laptop whenever your kids' electric moon lamp needs a recharge, now they can set up their own lunar docking station, or run their realistic moon lamp non-stop

Enlivens and Colorizes for a Visceral Aquarium Display

From the mesmerizing color-changing LED backdrop producing a hypnotic display, to the reactive phosphorescent glow of the rising and falling jellyfish, to the rippling ocean wave projection patterned on the ceiling of your child's room, our SensoryMoon Large Jellyfish is a real treat for the visual senses - making it an amazing gift choice for sensory loving or seeking children in your family.

Imagine your loved one's eyes lighting up when they first see the glowing jellyfish spring to vibrant life, slowly dancing with the alternating color LEDs and painting beautiful aurora projection effects on their bedroom walls. The SensoryMoon Large Jellyfish Lamp facilitates engagement and relaxation with the touch of a button!

Fascinates and Mesmerizes for an Awesome Sensory Gift

With a nearly 75% larger diameter water tube than our previous model, our SensoryMoon Large Jellyfish Lamp is one of the most captivating children's nightlights you can buy. That's because they give more swimming room for the large-sized fake jellyfish than ever before, and also offer up to 20 different color modes to select from, including 16 static colors from the remote! Compare our lamps to others in the market, and it should be clear why the SensoryMoon brand stands a head above the rest!

Imagine a gift that provides your child, grandchild, or beloved a sense of joy every time they turn it on. We wanted to develop an animated aquarium table lamp for sensory needs children of all ages, and we are confident our 2019 design has lived up to those expectations!

Product Specs

New! Check out a product demonstration! (Projection demonstrated towards end.)


  • Black Base & Clear Cap
  • Clear Acrylic Tube
  • Power Adapter Included
  • 3 pcs Large Painted Jellyfish
  • RF Remote Control:
    • 16 solid color options
    • 4 color transition options
    • brightness and on/off adjustment
    • battery included


  • Lamp Height: 36 cm / 14.1 inches
  • Tube Diameter: 14 cm / 5.5 inches
  • Material: ABS (base) & PMMA (tube)
  • Power Adaptor: 12V AC 300mA
  • LED: 18 pcs RGB
  • Power: ≧ 3.6W

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