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Upgrade your sensory little one's 4 FT Bubble Lamp experience! With a secure compartment to hold the bubble tube, a comfortable and stylish white fabric "quarter circle" design, and plenty of storage space and room to sit, our new Cushioned Platform transforms your SensoryMoon Lamp into a Sensory Oasis Corner!

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And now, with FREE 90-Day Returns, there's no reason not to give SensoryMoon products a try. Simply try out our jellyfish lamp aquarium for 90 days from the date of receipt, and if you or your child don't love it in that time, we'll return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

A "Sensory Room" Upgrade For Your 4 FT Bubble Lamp

SensoryMoon is excited to introduce our new Bubble Tube Corner Platform for our 4 FT Bubble Tube Lamp! Simply open up the platform compartments and place your child's, students', or loved one's 4 FT SensoryMoon Bubble Tube Lamp inside, and viola! You have a comfortable, dedicated bubble tube sitting area for your sensory little ones to curl up next to, and experience the multi-sensory input of the fish, bubbles, and changing LED colors securely up-close. Now with more features and at 1/4th the price of similar sensory room furniture!


"SENSORY ROOM" UPGRADE TO OUR BEST SELLING PRODUCT. With a sleek "quarter-circle" shaped design, an aesthetic white outer fabric, cleverly designed internal storage compartments, and plenty of room to sit comfortably, our new Bubble Tube Platform securely holds your students' or child's 4 FT SensoryMoon Bubble Tube Lamp - transforming their favorite calming lamp into a full-fledged Sensory Oasis Corner.

SECURE BUBBLE TUBE HOLE FOR A WORRY-FREE BUBBLE LAMP EXPERIENCE. Once the 4 FT Bubble Tube Lamp is placed inside the platform hole, it becomes firmly secured by the closed compartments - allowing children to safely touch, grab, and interact with the Bubble Tube without risk of it falling. Finally, allow your loved one to comfortably explore their senses without fearing damage to their favorite lamp! No wall bracket needed.

LARGE YET SPACE-SAVING DESIGN THAT FITS IN ANY CORNER. The unique "quarter-circle" curved design in the Bubble Tube Couch not only looks stylish and modern, but also saves space by fitting perfectly in any corner in your child's room or classroom. Plus, at a whopping 30 inches by 30 inches by 16 inches in height, our elevated platform still offers plenty of sitting area for kids to curl up next to the tube and become dazzled by the fish, bubbles, and colors!

CUSHIONED WHITE FABRIC FOR AESTHETICS AND COMFORT. Who said that sensory room equipment had to look so therapy-like? The high quality fabric and aesthetic curved shape adds an element of sophistication to any room the couch is placed in. But not only that, the cushioned platform material is comfortable enough for your students or loved to want to spend their entire day on. A great investment for any school or family building a sensory room!

INTERNAL STORAGE COMPARTMENT FOR AN ORGANIZED PLAY AREA. With two hinged door compartments that conceal a ton of storage space, our SensoryMoon Curved Bubble Tube Platform is also a great way to organize a sensory play area. Simply open up the compartment doors and place whatever items you want to store inside the platform, and close it again to re-secure the Bubble Lamp. Simple, convenient, and mess-free!

NEW!  STAIN-RESISTANT OUTER FABRIC FOR A LONG LASTING CLEAN. We're excited to announce that our new 2021 Bubble Tube Platform model came with a huge upgrade - hydrophobic and stain-proof outer fabric! Now water, juices, and virtually any other liquid literally 'fall' right off the fabric material, keeping it fresh and clean for the long-haul without any maintenance. So rest assured that your Cushioned Platform purchase will truly be 'kid-proof', and give your loved one a comfortable place to enjoy their bubble lamp for years to come. Order one today!

Upgrades Your Loved One's Sensory Bubble Tube Escape

The SensoryMoon Bubble Tube Platform gives children with sensory needs an opportunity to safely and comfortably interact with the multi-sensory input of their 4 FT Bubble Tube Lamp, allowing them to explore sensory inclinations in a judgment-free way and soothe overspent emotions in a convenient sitting corner.

Imagine your child snuggling up on the platform, safely grasping the sides of the bubble tube, mesmerized by the bubbling, humming, color-fading aquatic wonderland for hours on end. As a sensory needs provider, you are indispensable when it comes to providing the support your children need to manage the difficulties of daily life. And investing in a bubble tube platform can be an excellent way to do so.

Saves Money Vs. $1,000+ Sensory Room Furniture

There is no escaping the fact that raising a child with SPD is expensive. Often, this puts professional sensory room furniture – like overpriced $1,000+ tube platforms – squarely out of the budget of most parents and schools. That's why we developed an alternative: feature-packed bubble tube couch meeting the needs of SensoryMoon Bubble Tube owners at an affordable price!

Imagine the joy on your child's or student's faces when you surprise them with their very own dedicated sitting area for their favorite bubble lamp! With the same features and functionality as platforms that cost over 5 times as much, is there any reason NOT to upgrade your 4 FT SensoryMoon Bubble Lamp today?

Product Specs

Dimensions: 30" W x 30" H x 16" L.

Material: white outer fabric (not washable).

Use: follow assembly instructions below to set-up the couch. For use with SensoryMoon 4 FT Bubble Tube ONLY! No other lamp is guaranteed to fit.

Further note: NO wall bracket purchase is required if you purchase this! The lamp will be secure inside the platform without it.

NOTE: ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED. See below for step-by-step video assembly to accompany product manual.

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