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Introducing the SensoryMoon weighted blanket, a weighted blanket specifically designed for kids with autism and special sensory needs. With a U-shaped neck-cut out, sensory minky outer cover, and superior material selection, our weighted blankets are the perfect Deep Touch Pressure tool to maximally calm and relax your child with autism, ADHD, or sensory difficulties.

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We are so confident about the quality, design, and effectiveness of the SensoryMoon weighted blanket, that we're willing to offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee...

Simply email us at any time if you are not 100% satisfied with your blanket, and we'll send you a return label so you can ship it back for a full refund. No questions asked.

A Deep Touch Pressure Tool That Calms and Soothes

Deep Touch Pressure is a effective low-risk therapy that is used by Occupational Therapists to help individuals induce calm, regain focus, and reduce anxiety. By simulating a mother's loving embrace, DTP has been scientifically shown to increase levels of relaxing feel good hormones, as well as activate the body's 'rest and digest' parasympathetic nervous system. Weighted blankets are an excellent and practical way to provide DTP on a daily basis, and by investing in a design specifically for sensory needs, parents of kids with autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder may see considerable improvements in their child's calmness and behavior.

How our blankets work

5, 7, AND 9 LBS OPTIONS FOR A RELAXING FULL-BODY THERAPY. Filled with fine beads that spread weight across the body, our sensory weighted blanket for kids uses the science of Deep Touch Pressure to effortlessly calm your special needs child in or out of bed. Not only does the weight of our sensory blankets stimulate production of key hormones that relax the body, it also discourage needless tossing and turning at night: a doubly effective solution for kids struggling to get their Zs!

ONE-OF-A-KIND NECK CUTOUT FOR A DEEPER CALMING EXPERIENCE. Because kids with autism tend to have higher anxiety all day long, all our weighted blankets for autism also include a U-shaped cut out at the top. Not only does this allow your child or toddler to be hugged more completely, adding gentle Deep Touch Pressure to the neglected shoulder area where tension often lies, but also to wear the blanket sitting up - for relaxation on the couch, in the car, or on the go!

RAISED MINKY DOT COVER FOR A SATISFYING SENSORY SENSATION. With raised tactile blue dots on one side for kids in a sensory seeking mood, and soft fuzzy gray plush on the other for when they just want to be cozied, our luxurious minky outer cover is the perfect sensory complement to your child's Deep Touch Pressure experience. Watch as they delight in the sea of soft, pleasurable, enjoyable sensations, all while the weight of the blanket drifts them into a calm, peaceful state.

NEW INNER SEWING TECHNOLOGY FOR MAXIMUM BODY CONTOUR. Our sensory weighted blankets are filled with sand-like glass beads, making for a more quiet, light-weight heavy blanket experience than bulky poly-fill pellets. Couple this with tightly stitched 4 inch bead pockets for an even distribution of weight, as well as breathable microfiber fabric layers for superior temperature control, and you have one of the best kids' special needs weighted blankets money can buy!

REMOVABLE, WASHABLE COVERS FOR PREMIUM SLEEP WINTER AND SUMMER. Not only is the outer minky cover removable from the inner weighted blanket for a more cooling sleep during hot summer nights, but both the inner and outer materials are 100% washable! Simply place them in your machine wash on a cold water setting and let them hang dry. With so many convenient, easy features on our SensoryMoon weighted blanket, is there any reason you shouldn't order one today?

Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety for a Calmer, Relaxed Child

It's no secret that kids with sensory difficulties have higher levels of stress than most. In fact, as many as 80% of children with autism may experience clinically significant levels of anxiety! That's why it's more important than ever for parents to invest in tools designed to help special needs kids reduce anxiety and live happier lives.

Imagine gifting your child an easy, portable way to help melt away the stress and tension of their day. With the SensoryMoon weighted blanket for autism and special needs, your son, daughter, or loved one can instantly start unwinding under the weight of Deep Touch Pressure therapy at work. Your child will look forward to their daily "heavy blanket" time!

May Improve Sleep Outcomes for Better Behavior and Focus*

One landmark study of over 2,700 children on the spectrum found that less sleep was linked to more instances of challenging behavior, ADD, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Without a plan for addressing sleep issues prevalent in special needs kids, how can your child expect to live a more rested, focused life?

Imagine tucking in your son or daughter at night, only to see no more tossing, turning, or restlessness. Imagine a well-slept child better able to focus, regulate emotions, and handle transitions. Many SensoryMoon customers have noticed a positive difference in in-bed behavior since using our sensory weighted blanket - isn't it time you did too?

Provides One-of-a-Kind Sensations for Satisfying Sensory Input

As a parent or caregiver to a child requiring a unique sensory 'diet', you are irreplaceable when it comes to helping them meet their daily needs. That's why a blanket specifically designed to provide an ocean of calming, satisfying sensations might be the best gift you can get them this year!

Imagine wrapping our U-shaped heavy blanket around your child's body and shoulders, while they joy at the fun, raised, minky dot cover for the first time. Imagine your loved one delighting at the quiet crinkling of the blanket, and falling to blissful sleep under the satisfying caress of the nano-bead filling. Isn't it time you join the hundreds of other parents this year and gift your child the joy of a SensoryMoon weighted blanket?

Customer Praise

skeptical to grateful

"I bought this for my almost 4 year-old son with sensory processing disorder because I was at my wits end... After one night, at least 90% of tossing, turning, kicking were gone! I could not believe it! Second night--no more kicking and restless tossing and turning! Thanks so much! I can hardly recognize my own son..."

- happy mommy
Size: 5 lbs, 36"x48"

Super soft, good size

"...Cut out allows for it to go around the shoulders so that is nice"

Size: 5 lbs, 36"x48"

Excellent quality!

"...I was able to purchase 2 for my 5yo & 7yo daughters. They love their "heavy blankets" which help soothe & calm them while sleeping, watching movies, etc..."

- Amazon Customer
Size: 5 lbs, 36"x48"

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Product Specs

Sizing Guide

Bodyweight (lbs) Dimensions (inches) Blanket Weight


36 x 48

5 lbs


41 x 60

7 lbs

70-90 +

41 x 60

9 lbs

Important information:

  • Weighted blankets are not meant for babies or toddlers
  • The suggested weight of the blanket is about 10% of your child's bodyweight, plus 1 or 2 pounds. However, this is just a suggestion, and your child may benefit from more or less weight.
  • The outer polyester minky cover and the inner cotton weighted blanket are both washable in a machine cold water setting. Please consult our product guides page for detailed cleaning information.
  • All blankets are filled with glass micro-beads that are SGS certified for their small size, high density, low sound, and anti-allergenic nature.

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We're excited to announce a Lifetime Guarantee! 🙏🙌

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- We stand by the quality, design, and effectiveness of our products, and want you to feel confident purchasing from us.

- Just send us an email at if you have any issues and we would be happy to care of you.

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